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We Have World Champion Qualifiers!

Congratulations to Randy and Brian, who have both qualified for the Ironman World Championship which will be held in Nice, France on September 10, 2023. Their dedication to their training, their hard work and determination have led them to triathlon's biggest stage. Please follow along on their journey as they prepare for the biggest race of their lives.

Many people dream of becoming an Ironman, but few have the drive to make it happen. They find ways to skip or shorten workouts, and somehow think that it will all be ok. But an Ironman Triathlon has been called "an extreme physical challenge with a daunting mental exam". Believe me when I tell you that is a very accurate statement. When I did my first Ironman in Maryland, every workout that I blew off came to slap me in the face. Every ride where I went to the trainer because it was windy was thrown in my face as I faced 20-40 mph winds. I finished, but realized that I needed to toughen up and face the elements to be better prepared on race day.

I can speak for Randy, as I see his training schedule and it is always green boxes. He does not shy away from workouts and is now studying bike elevations on Rouvy so he can prepare for the race ahead. He has his nutrition and hydration dialed in, and knows what it takes to get to that beautiful carpet and hear your name called as an Ironman. This will be Randy's second Ironman race, and it's the World Championship.

Randy and Brian lead by the example they set: that if you work hard, and constantly strive for perfection, you can obtain goals that were once considered unattainable. Congratulations to both of these athletes, and we look forward to hearing their name called in Nice, France as they cross the finish at Worlds.


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