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The Four D's

Triathlete smiling with 1st 70.3 medal
E11even Athlete 1st IM 70.3 medal. Goal achieved~

triathlete in from of M dot in Nice
Congrats Randy! IM World Champion Nice 2023

When you set a goal, such as completing a marathon or doing an Ironman triathlon, it's an exciting time. You picture yourself finishing, the feeling of accomplishment, and achieving what you set out to do. But, as with everything in life, it's one thing to "want" to do something, and another to actually set forth to do it. That's where the four D's come in and by using them, you can achieve your goals.

Determination - once you set a goal, you have to be determined to stick to that goal and do whatever it takes to stay on track. If you have to travel, find a place to complete your swim workouts. When your friends want you to stay out for a few more beers on Friday night, you have to say "thanks but I have a long run in the morning". They may not understand, but you have to set that goal as your primary focus and be determined to accomplish whatever you need to in order to achieve that goal.

Dedication - it's hard to get up at 4am in the middle of winter to drive to the gym and swim in a cold pool. But sometimes that's what it takes to make you ready to achieve your goal. Getting up early to work out, getting a workout in after a really long day at work, or when life throws you a curveball, shows your dedication to your goal. You get out there and do the best you can with every workout, and although you don't see it at first, your body feels it, and suddenly the workouts that once seemed hard are now easy. When you dedicate yourself to your goal and what it takes to achieve that goal, results will follow.

Drive - you are the only one that can push yourself. You have to have the drive to tell yourself that you are going to try to follow today's workout to the best you can. We all have bad days, but you don't build muscle when you never add weight to the bar. If you ran a fast mile today, you have to tell yourself that the next run will be faster, and really work at making that happen. Being consistant in your workouts, making them a priority, and doing each workout to the best of your ability is the drive to accomplish your goals.

Desire - you have to want this goal, and I mean really want it. I always wanted to play the trumpet, but never bought one, never tried to play one, never priced one for purchase. That's not desire, that's a dream. When I decided to do an Ironman triathlon, I swam in the cold, I ran in the dark, I rode in the rain. Whatever it took to get my training done. When it came to race day I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I gave it my best, and that I was ready. That showed my deisre fot the goal I set for myself, and I took all that comes with that goal, and made it my own.

When you incorporate the four D's into your training, and ultimately your race, you will find it much more fulfilling and successful experiencce than without them.

Live healthy, be happy.



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Julie Kneale
Julie Kneale
Sep 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

worth a reading


Julie Kneale
Julie Kneale
Sep 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

great advice

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