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Title- eleven athletics

running & multisport coaching

Coaching Philosophies

Taking it to e11even. Achieving balance in life is essential to success. E11even Athletics provides a challenging personal training program based on an individual's lifestyle & athletic goals. Being an E11even endurance athlete involves more than just training hard.  It involves finding & maintaining balance between training, recovery, family & work. E11even Athletics will help you take it to the next level, one more than 10.

E11even Coaches

E11even Athletic's Coach Jenni
Jenni Jageman- Founder

Jenni launched E11even Athletics in 2016 with the simple goal of making high quality multisport coaching for everyone with methods that enable athletes to learn, grow and excel all while remaining healthy.


Jenni's athletic career extended from running cross country and track in college to duathlons (National and World 25-29 Long Course Champion) to a 4:50 half iron man at Buffalo Springs and qualifying for Kona.

She challenges her athletes to gain mental and physical strength in ways that also promote a balanced lifestyle.

e11even athletics  Coach Kelly
Kelly Hill-Coach

I’ve been running for over 25 years and triathlon for over 15 years. I have over 8 years doing Ironman and half ironman distance triathlons. The endurance distance are by far my favourite. 


I have a love of the sharing in the journey and watching athletes get stronger in body, spirit and mind. I approach training with a mindful  approach. I am a Certified Ironman Coach and was chosen to be on the IMU Coaching Event team for IM Mont Tremblant and IM Lake Placid. I  believe in building  mental strength, effective communication and smart training with a balance that fits with your busy lifestyle.

e11even athletics Coach Travis
Travis Kneale-Coach

Travis began his fitness journey approximately seven years ago, as a means to lose weight. A friend mentioned a sprint triathlon that served pie at the end of the event, and thought it would be fun for him to try. Who knew that such a small comment would lead to an entire new lifestyle.

Travis considers running, cycling, and swimming his "zen" time; a time when he can shut out the rest of the world and focus on improving himself both physically and mentally. Travis believes that one of the greatest gifts is the ability to share his love of the three disciplines with others. As an Ironman University certified instructor, one of Travis' goals is to help you meet your goals, while also enjoying the process.

e11even athletics Coach Julie
Julie Kneale-Coach

My journey began with a 5K and through many twist and turns on the training road I became an Ironman and a  Certified Coach for running, cycling, swimming, and all this things Triathlon.


Coaching is an amazing journey and unique with each athlete. Finding a balance between training, family, work and normal life activities can be very challenging. I have found through being coached and coaching others, finding that healthy balance is one of the main pillars of triathlete training and all endurance sports.

Crossing your own finish line is pretty amazing but helping another athlete reach their goals is very fulfilling and a great honor.



E11 Premier Plan

From 5K races to Ironman distance, E11even Athletics will guide you though all the components of training, racing, nutrition, and recovery. Toe the starting line knowing you have the physical and mental strength to put together a great race. Includes:

• Personal Training Questionnaire
• Fitness Assessment
• Individualized Periodization Plan
• Communication: Bi-Weekly Via Email
& Monthly Phone Calls
• Goal Setting Assistance
• Sponsor Discounts
• Mental Strategies Support
• Nutrition Planning Support
• E11even Community Support 

E11 Body and Soul Plan

 Bring the mental game into focus as part of top notch triathlon and running coaching. We all know how much “having your head in the game” affects your athletic performance. Let E11even show you the way !

Includes: Personal Training Questionnaire
• Fitness Assessment
• Individualized Periodization Plan
• Communication: Bi-Weekly Via Email
& Monthly Phone Calls
• Goal Setting Assistance
• Bi-Monthly Mental Strategies Support
with mental coaching
• E11even Community Support



“I truly believe that the proof is in the pudding. After a season of very stagnant results, I joined up with E11  has had a season of PRs from everything from a 25 second PR in an 8 mile bike Time Trial to a nearly one-hour PR at Ironman Lake Placid.”

– VB



"E11 has amazing coach. Because of their thoughtful programming and  attentiveness to my progress, I've improved my run time by almost 3 minutes per mile and moved from the bottom third of my age group to placing consistently in the top third. With a full-time job, it's hard to fit training into my schedule; E11takes every individual's life and schedule into consideration and creates unique training programs tailored to each athlete and his or her ability. I've been with E11 for over two years and I am extremely happy with E11even athletics!"

– BR



"Having competed at the highest levels of multisport, the coaches know their stuff. Before I met them, I was a hammerhead whose fitness gains were consistently erased by over-training injuries that sidelined me for weeks, sometimes months. They taught me tried and true principles to be successful in multisport - slow down to speed up. strength before length. length before speed. take your recovery days just as serious as your hard days. The proof is in the pudding - I haven't been injured in over two years and recently ran a 3:08 marathon PR, good enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon, a goal that had eluded me for years."

– MN



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